"Double Trouble" Silicon/Glass Hybrid Waterpipe

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Settle in with a smoke session with the silicone/glass hybrid bong by SMOKECITI. This bong is the perfect companion for anyone who loves the filtration and cooling power of a water pipe, but doesn’t want to worry about breaking their daily-use piece. This piece brings together the best of glass and silicone. You have a rigid structure underlying the silicone, so you can get a solid grip on the pipe without it bending in half. But thanks to the silicone exterior, you don’t have to worry about this piece shattering if you drop it pretty much anywhere. And for a little extra cool factor, the silicone overcoat has windows so smoke is visible once it travels through the diffused silicone downstem and fills up the glass chamber. Thanks to an ice catch in the neck, this piece will have you taking cool rips anywhere.


  • Single Chamber
  • Diffused Downstem
  • Ice Pinch
  • 14MM Female Joint
  • 14MM Male Bowl
  • Dry Herbs
  • Gender Changer (Nails)
  • Highest Quality Available
  • U.S.A Made


  • Purple, Pink, Orange, Yellow, Blue, Red


  • Approximately 8" (Inches)


  • 14MM Female Joint
  • 14MM Male Bowl
Ships from Los Angeles, CA


"Double Trouble" Silicon/Glass Hybrid Waterpipe