"Fumed" & Navy Blue w/ Navy Blue Dots Glass Pipe

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Good things come in small packages! This Luxurious "Fumed" w/ Navy Blue Dots Glass Spoon Pipe is sure to stand out anytime and anywhere! It has 3 Navy Blue Dots on the head of the "Fumed" Spoon Pipe.  Fumed glass appears to change color over time as resin builds up inside, so your glass pipe's look will evolve as you use it. Because each piece is individually handmade by glass artists, the pipe you receive will be one-of-a-kind. 

Note: The color may vary slightly from what you see in the photo.


  • Glass Spoon Pipe
  • Color Changing Glass
  • Elegant & Luxurious Design 
  • Carb (Left Side)
  • Travel Size
  • U.S.A Made


  • "Fumed" & Navy Blue w/ Navy Blue Dots


  • Approximately 4 1/2" (Inches)
Ships from Los Angeles, CA


"Fumed" & Navy Blue w/ Navy Blue Dots Glass Pipe