"The Marble Wrap" Glass Waterpipe / Bong

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This miniature bong is made by hand from high quality, green borosilicate glass w/ hints of blue, red and yellow splashes. The glass bowl is held in place by a black rubber grommet and is just big enough for a couple of tokes. It's a cute little piece — effective, portable and made just for! Because each piece is individually hand blown by glass artists, the mini tube you receive will be one-of-a-kind.



  • Marble Design Waterpipe
  • Downstem Perc
  • 14MM Female Joint
  • 14MM Male Bowl w/ Handle
  • Highest Quality Available
  • Thick Glass
  • U.S.A Made


  • Black w/ Chrome


  • Approximately 6" (Inches)
Ships from Los Angeles, CA


"The Marble Wrap" Glass Waterpipe / Bong